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Is it to help you and your teams make more money?

Is it leaders and future leaders hanging out on trips?

Is it a training?

Is it a community?

Is it a FB Group?

Is it a collaboration?

Is it focused on giving back to others?


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Trainings from the industries best leaders

New LIVE weekly trainings

Weekly social media tips 


A community of next level network marketers 

"I have been in the network marketing industry for 5.5 years, I am very passionate about this industry.  In my second (current) company I became one of their top earners very quickly.  I began to search for successful people I could follow and I began following quite a few.  I wanted to learn everything I could to help me keep growing.  I came across Rob Sperry on the internet and quickly discovered that he had everything I was looking for in a mentor.  He had the passion I was looking for, the practical tools I could implement and the biggest thing was his integrity and passion for the industry.  He became my number one industry mentor....also now I had someone I felt comfortable training my team.  Rob is personable and cares about people and that’s what this industry needs more of."

Nicky Rempel is

  • Training
  • Epic Mastermind Trips
  • Fun
  • Humanitarian
  • Recognition
  • Lifetime Access to The Mastery Course Value $940
  • Accountability Collaboration with some of the very best leaders in all of Network Marketing
  • All have worksheets, recognition and give you accountability

When You Join TGON Nation

you will gain immediate access to over 30 different trainings from 6 and 7 figure earners.  Each training is 18 minutes or less and straight to the point to GIVE the CLARITY and BREAKTHROUGHS you need to crush your business 
Here are just a few of the topics that were covered in those trainings by these industry legends 
David Ross - How to hack FB Messenger to convert more prospects
Jennifery Pipe Kennedy - Creating a strong culture with events
Cynthia Evans - Getting the professionals off your chicken list
Melissa Bryns Swaney - The changes I made that doubled my income 
Casey Eberhart - 21 different ways to follow up with your prospects
Kimberly Olson - The law of profitability
Alyssa Cowart - Mastering the third party validation 
Tom Chenault - Mastering the invite using your heart
Beth Holden Graves - The Law of Recallability
Those are just a few of the trainings you will gain access to!  There are 20 more that I didn't even mention!

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TGON Nation has 2 masterminds every year at some of the world's best locations!

Definiteness of Purpose/Chief Aim Masterclass

It is talked about but rarely ever taught in depth on how to use one. Every team needs one. Everyone should have some sort of accountability with their Definiteness of Purpose. I will give exacts on how to implement this with you and your teams.

Value $67

"I first found out about Rob Sperry in July of 2017 when his book  The Game of Networking came out.  I ordered the book and started to follow him. I was so in awe of the book, I also got it on audio which I listen to every night falling asleep. His daily live training and tips have not only taken me to a new level with social media, it has also influenced my team. I contribute my “going out of my comfort zone” and daily development on running my business on social media to Rob. I have been in direct sales for 30 Years, but through following his trainings, I was able to promote to the highest level of leadership in 8 months and all with out spamming. I can’t encourage enough to get on the Rob Sperry trainings"

Tracy Rodgers


Master The Invite

In this training you will learn how to master the invite as well as a more in depth understand on what to say and what not to say. We will go over how to create urgency without being overbearing or annoying.

Value $97

Tell Your Story Right to Increase Profits

The next step to understanding inviting and recruiting is your story. It is such a simple yet powerful step that is rarely taught well when a newbie begins in Network Marketing. I will break down the simplified version of telling your story but I will also go more in depth on how tell your story in a more powerful way. You will learn to leverage stories even when you haven’t yet had success.

Value $97

The Art of Taprooting

Once you have learned how to invite and and tell your story now you are ready to learn the art of taprooting. I will teach how to take one person and get into their circle of influence. The difference between those who make some money and those who make big money is in large part their ability to taproot. Learn this and you will drive those teams/volume so deep! You will never run out of contacts.

Value $97

"Rob is a true master of social media and Network Marketing.  This combination allows for a GRAND SLAM if you are looking to maximize the POWER of social Media to build your business. Before connecting with Rob’s content, I was a FB scroller and and used FB with hit and miss results.  Once I began to have a proven system and began to implement his strategies consistently- I’ve been able to connect and share my business opportunity with 100s of new prospects.   Not only is Rob at the top of the social media and networking game- He’s a class act."

Beth Holden Graves 


The Bell Curve Follow Up

We go over all of the intricacies of the follow up along with the little known bell curve follow up strategy. I will breakdown exactly how you can 10x your results with these strategies.

Value $97

Third Party Validation to Maximum Effectiveness

When, who should do them, how to do them and how often you should do third party validations. How to teach your teams to do them properly

Value $97

How to Close Like a Pro Without Being Pushy

This is one of my favorite trainings. I will go in depth on the words you can use and the psychology of closing. Not only will you close more but you feel so much more comfortable doing it.

Value $97


The Credibility Code for Network Marketers

It is hard when you want to be that leader but you haven’t arrived yet. The whole fake it until you make has never been a strategy I like. Let me teach you how to crack the credibility code and gain influence in Network Marketing.

Value $97

Become the Face of your team

It is important to understand when to follow and when to lead. It is vital to understand when and how you become the face of your organization so that you can become a next level leader.

Value $97

Next Level Mindset

Without the right mindset you won’t take the action you need to take to have success. I will give you advanced training on how to keep your mind sharp. There will be bad days. There will be days you want to quit and you need to be equipped with a bulletproof mindset to get you through those days.

Value $97


I created the largest active FB group for all of Network Marketing. I know how to structure groups in a way you will get informed but not overload you with too many posts. We will have themed posts so that you don’t get bombarded with too many!

The 3 main themes will revolve every week around The TGON Mastery Course that comes with your access to The Game of Networking Nation but ….

Since you already get my content in the course you will also receive amazing trainings from Top Earners to teach you on that weekly theme (Ted Talk style). 18 min or less! We get to the point so you can learn and then make some money!

No more OVERTRAINING where you can’t seem to keep nor have time to focus on the income producing activities

You will receive the RIGHT BALANCE of training, simple but powerful worksheets, accountability and a culture that supports you.


"Current, practical, understandable, and ACTIONABLE - these are the words I would use to describe Rob's Training. I have been following Rob for about a year now, and although I love Eric Worre for the foundational knowledge he provides, I love Rob Sperry even more because he takes those core skills and turns them into meaningful actions that you can do every day to keep the progress and momentum coming your way."

Jeff Browne 
  • Recap
  • The best course to give you the building blocks for building your business valued at $940
  • Worldwide Events
  • Incentive Trips with top leaders from different companies
  • Recognition
  • Accountability
  • Humanitarian
  • An amazing uplifting culture of like minded individuals helping each other
  • Training from other top earners every week


Doors open now for the next days (not including today) and then they will be closed


Value $940 just for the courses You can’t put a price on the value of the community, accountability and culture



Only $27 a month


Save 20% and pay ONLY $257 for the entire year

Here are several issues that many Network Marketers face that we will help you overcome

  • What do I do when I run out of contacts?
  • How can I get better at inviting without being salesy?
  • How do I close without being pushy?
  • How do I create a team and create duplication with them?
  • What do I do on social media?
  • How do I overcome my fears?

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